Terms & Conditions

These Terms and Conditions contatin legal obligations and form an agreement between you and RED Entertainment. Please read these Terms and Conditions carefully before confirming RED Entertainment’s  event services.

  1. Service Charge:
    RED Entertainment requires a 70% non-refundable deposit on all services required by client.
  2. Gas/Mileage:
    RED Entertainment will provide transportation of their own vehicle in order to complete tasks required by client. A base gas mileage fee included in the Quotation will be paid by the client.
  3. Payment to Vendors:
    The Client is responsible for all timely deposits and payments to RED Entertainment so that the Vendors with whom RED Entertainment agrees to work are paid. RED Entertainment will facilitate the contracts with the Vendors at the client’s request in order to use their best efforts to obtain the best price for such service. Client will be given a Quotation that will need to be signed. It will include the required costs for Vendors and RED Entertainment will secure such services on behalf of the client.
  4. Date Changes:
    Should, for any reason, the date of the Event change, best effort will be made by RED Entertainment to accommodate the new date. The Client agrees in the event of an Event change by the Client any expenses including but not limited to deposits and fees that are non-refundable and non-transferable are the sole responsibility of the Client, including additional charges above and beyond those set forth in section 3 above. The Clients understand that last minute Service charges can impact the quality of the Event and that RED Entertainment is not responsible for any compromises in quality owing to such changes. Finally, should the Event not take place due to a date change by the Client, the Client will be responsible for cancellation policies mentioned below in section 5.
  5. Cancellations:
    In the event of an Event cancellation caused by the Client, all payments made hereunder to RED Entertainment are non-refundable to the Client and all outstanding payments due to the Vendors are the responsibility of the Client and may be due based upon the cancellation policies of the Vendors, except that should the Event be caused by any cause other than an Act of God (i.e. natural disaster, death in the family or sudden injury or illness) up to seven (7) days prior to the Event, the client does not owe the balance due to RED Entertainment. However, the Client will owe any costs to vendors due to cancellation. Should the Event be cancelled by any other reason than an Act of God (i.e. natural disaster, death in the family or sudden injury or illness) after ten (10) days prior to the Event, the Client owes 30% of the remaining balance to RED Entertainment and any other costs to Vendor individual cancellation policies.
  6. Duration of Service Agreement & Compensations:
    This contract and all service charges stated in this contract are valid for the term of agreement. RED Entertainment will bill its service charge based on a flat fee and/or hourly rate. Full payments will be received within two (2) business days after the Event. Because of the unique service provided by RED Entertainment, it cannot always predict or guarantee what the client’s final bill will be. This will depend upon the amount of time spent on providing the specific services requested by the client, as well as the amount of other expenses.
  7. Termination/Contract:
    RED Entertainment will perform all personal shopping, errands, and event coordinating in a satisfactory manner. In the event of non-performance by RED Entertainment, Client shall first give verbal notification, followed by written notification specifying in detail the nature of any failure in performance by RED Entertainment. If RED Entertainment does not cure such default within fourteen (14) days, the Client shall have the right to terminate this agreement by giving RED Entertainment fourteen (14) days written notice from the end of the default period. RED Entertainment reserves the right to terminate this agreement upon fourteen (14) days prior written notice or immediately for non-payment by the customer.
  8. Independent Contractor:
    RED Entertainment and the Client agree that the relationship created by this Agreement is that of Independent Contractor, and not that of employee and employer, and shall not be construed otherwise.

Client, jointly and severally, warrant and represent to:

  • Cooperate with RED Entertainment to obtain and work with vendors;
  • Make any and all payments due to vendors hereby; and
  • Hold harmless RED Entertainment for any claims, suits, damages or other losses as a result of any non-payment to said vendors for the actions of the client or their invitees to the Event during the Event.
  • Pay the replacement cost for any rental items that are lost/stolen/broken after the Event.