Our Story

RED Entertainment is an event decor, event coordination, marketing and entertainment company established by three dynamic young women in Guyana.

In 2012, we spontaneously decided to uncover our hidden desire to create impactful moments in people’s lives. Today, we put our passion for quality, uniqueness and love of making people happy into producing memorable experiences as RED Entertainment.

Work With Us


We are REaDy to work with your vision and your budget to provide you with the best of our creativity, energy, outstanding organizational abilities and knowledge of resources and contacts. Let us design, plan and produce your vision, with our passion for perfection!

Our Years Livin' Life

Year of Formation

Jobs we Have Executed

Amazing job as always guys. We love working with your team!.

Guyana Marriott Hotel

You guys are amazing! The way you brought the ideas to life totally blew me away. Keep up the incredible work ladies!

Narvini Dewnath

Saskia Wijngaarde

Saskia Wijngaarde

I’d like to believe my decor style could be attributed to my life near the ocean – bright and fresh!

Kristina King

Kristina King

I not only have a passion for food presentation but for design, décor and customer service.

Chelsea Fung

Chelsea Fung

I definitely learned a great deal more! My role in the company continues to develop my organizational and logistical planning skills as the number of events and projects grow each month.