Dear Editor,

The entertainment body of RED has been revolutionizing entertainment in Guyana. We had grown accustomed to having mainly dancehall, chutney, calypso, reggae, R&B and hip hop stars visiting. RED has been giving us a different type of music from renowned saxophonist Arturo Tappin for jazz lovers, and the new superstar, Tessanne Chin, the young female winner of the famous television show ‘The Voice,’ with her eclectic range. These artistes are also from our geographic region and are in the top echelon of their field. How refreshing! RED is pulling out the stops to satisfy a more sedate audience at venues that exude order and structure, while mixing it with locations like HJ Water World which encourage the young to release their energy.

Within a few short years, RED’S founders, Saskia Wijngaarde aka Saskia Barrow and Christine King (there is another female in the trio unknown to me), have firmly established themselves as a young female trio to be reckoned with in the entertainment and promotion industry. They have attracted the most important sponsor, the Ministry of Tourism. Our government would not support an ephemeral venture. Obviously RED is seen as a major pillar of support for our tourism drive. Wijngaarde’s telephone number is the number on their advertisements, so whenever I find it necessary to get any tips about the visiting artiste, the actual performance, the venue or the security, I simply call her and she articulately and enthusiastically sustains my interest. She evokes communication. All their events have been held without a hitch and their most recent was a ‘smash.’ I envisage more pleasant and record-breaking events being hosted by RED.

Yours faithfully,

Conrad Barrow

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